Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Who does YOURS?

Ice and I are soooooo excited!! After years (literally) of searching for someone that we had 110% confidence in to do a REALISTIC portrait tattoo, we  sat down for a consultation w/Sean Ambrose from Arrows & Embers this morning.  We're happy to say, we *FINALLY* found an artist that we have utmost trust in!!  

Since the portrait is going to take 4 hours, Ice's appointment isn't until the end of March (2013), but it's def gonna be worth the wait!  Of course, there will be LOTS of pics when the time comes.  

We both want a few more tats (Ice more than me, as I have 8 already), and will ONLY be getting them done with Sean/Arrows & Embers.  If you're looking for more ink (or your 1st piece), please consider A&E.  You will have a great experience in the shop!

Check out Arrows & Embers online:


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