Monday, June 27, 2011

Sick of LeBron Stories.

Dude made himself a target.

I'm sick of hearing about LeBron James. That dude has his own life to live, and I could care less what he does with his personal life.

Everybody over-analyzing the "hate" situation needs to get a life, too. For me, and a lot of other sports fans, it's SIMPLE- I go hard against ANYBODY my team's playing AGAINST, period. But dude set himself up by being arrogant. You promise to bring home 7, 8, 9 championships, that's an challenge to everybody else in the league. Dude painted the bulls-eye on his own back, and then got surprised when nobody GAVE him the championship. Come on.

But that's all SPORTS-RELATED. I could give a damn what the guy does on a personal level. I root against the dude because he promised the world he was gonna beat my team (and everybody else's). Period.