Monday, September 17, 2012

Ice was on FIRE!

Fire breather & Ice luge
for the Fire & Ice Party!!!

Friday night was the Fire & Ice Party/September Birthday Bash, and holy s**t was it FUN!  There was an ice luge for shots, a fire breather/performer, birthday cake, and a fantastic crowd!!!  The next morning, I got on Facebook and my whole newsfeed was people talking about the party!  Here's some of what people had to say:

"...thank you to everybody for making tonight such a great night it was the busiest night and no issues! Have a good night" ~Eric (one of the bday guests/club bouncer)

"I don't think I've ever danced so much in my entire life! My toes feel numb this morning!"  ~Tori

"If you were not at CYL you missed the best party EVA!" ~Rosa (another bday guest)

"the cyl isoff the hook tonight fire dancer and bdays....seriously sick...thanx iceman..." ~Derek (another bday guest)

"it was epic" ~Brandy

I could go on and on about how good the night was, but I'll just post the pics so you can see for yourself!

Outside on the patio
Bringing out the birthday cake

Shots off the ice luge
Always working!
To see ALL the pics from the Fire & Ice Party, click here!!!  And, of course, I had to post videos of a couple of the "fire" performances!!!  


**Come check out CYL in October!  We'll be doing an event for Breast Cancer Awareness, and of course, a Halloween Party!!!

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