Thursday, March 28, 2013

A day in the life......

Yep, that's me.  Snoopy's slacking cousin!  ;)
Okay, okay.  I know.  I'm a slacker, so sue me.  As much as I say I don't have time to update the site regularly (or even somewhat regularly), Ice DEFINITELY doesn't.  He's CRAZY BUSY.  I swear, he squeezes 26 hours out of  a 24 hour day.

 A typical day for Ice (that starts at 6:30am): coffee, answer emails/texts, work on producing Overdrive (his show on 105.5 JYY), find/download new music, work on the next mixtape, make copies of current mixtape to hand out for upcoming weekend, more coffee, more emails/texts, business meetings, phone/conference calls, graphic design, promotional work (see pic below), and more coffee.  Throw in some other things that I'm not dumb enough to tip our hand on (sorry, just wait and see like everyone else), listen to music that Independent/Local artists send him, and that is a TYPICAL work day (this doesn't include his fam/friend/personal time).  Eats lunch generally sometime around 2-3 pm....(after I've put a plate in front of him at the computer).  Some days he has several business meetings, occasionally he has none.  Added into all the work he has to do for HIMSELF, are all the things he does for "friends" that ask favors of him.  His day breaks around 6-7:30 pm....(when I have dinner done and I make him shut off his phone).  After I've gone to bed for the night, his phone is back on and he's answering any outstanding emails/texts, touching up any graphic design work, etc.  He finally "calls it a day" around 12am - 1am.  **On Thurs/Fri/Sat nights, add in DJing from 9pm - 1am!!

Today's promo pile: Ice's current mixtape, "Machine", and some piles
of flyers for "Overdrive" and his Social Media sites!

So, as you can see, he doesn't exactly have tons of extra time to sit and update the site regularly, which falls on me.  I have more time than him, but I just get distracted and/or forget.  ANYWAYS.  Enough excuses, right?

Currently what's happening:

~Thursday's at Tandy's Top Shelf
~Friday's at Tandy's Top Shelf
~Saturday's at Baja Beach Club
~Saturday's radio show "Overdrive" on 105.5 JYY, 12a - 2a

This weekend (3/28, 3/29, & 3/30)

That's all I've got for now (hey....I haven't yet had a full cup of coffee)!  For more up to date info, "Like" Ice's Facebook page, as he usually updates that daily!  Or, you can friend request him on Facebook.  You can still find him on Twitter and Instagram, also!


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