Friday, August 17, 2012


So, if you follow the site at all, you probably already know that Ice doesn't always keep the page(s) up to date.  He's an EXTREMELY busy guy.  I could try to list everything that he has going on any one given day, but you'd stop reading eventually because the list would be LOOOONG.  So, I'll just say a quick "Hello"!  Who am I?  Heather.  Ice's wife/business partner/manager/you name it and that's me.  I pretty much do a little bit of everything.  ;)

Quick recap of some recent events to catch you up to speed:

**Ice partnered with Fashion Zone (an urban clothing store in Concord).  You can stop in whenever they're open and grab Ice's latest mixtapes for FREE!  Ice will also be spinning at Fashion Zone on the 25th for their Grand Opening Celebration!

**In July, Ice began a Friday night residency at CYL At Night in Bow, NH (at the Concord/Bow junction)!!  He'll be there EVERY Friday nite, and occasionally some Saturday's!  Check his Facebook regularly for his schedule!

**Ice has spun a few spot dates at The Honey Pot Bar & Lounge in Seabrook, NH and will be doing a few more in the future!

**As always for the past 2+ years, Ice has steadily been spinning at The Funky Monkey (check out his Facebook page for pics of the Body Painting Party that was on Aug 4th)!!

**August 11th, Ice ended his residency at The Funky Monkey.  Here's what he said on his Facebook page:

"Hello everyone! As many of you know, for the last 2 years, I have been a proud resident DJ at The Funky Monkey nightclub in Laconia, NH. It has been a long and exciting journey. Along the way, I have made many new friends, business acquaintances, and even some fans!

Unfortunately, due to schedule and professional conflicts, it has been decided that this past Saturday August 11th was to be my final night as a resident DJ at the club.

I bear the owners and management no ill will, and wish the club (and it's owners and management) nothing but the best in all their future endeavors. I would like to thank the owners, management, staff, and ESPECIALLY THE FANS for two AWESOME years! 

That being said, I will say this - if you loved coming to check me out on my nights at The Monkey, the party's NOT over! I would like to invite you ALL to come check me out this Friday night (and EVERY Friday night) at Concord NH's own CYL At Night (Chen Yang Li)! We're definitely bringing you AWESOME music, GREAT drinks, and EXCITING events! I promise, it'll be worth your trip!

I also have a LOT of other things in the works for the near future that I think you're gonna love! So stay tuned, and I'll keep you updated!


**Ice has put out more mixtapes (which I believe he does update about on the site)!  Again, you can grab them for free at Fashion Zone (or download them online)!


**Beach Party at CYL on the 24th!

**Fashion Zone Grand Opening Celebration (see above)

**End of Summer Teen Party.  An event for kids ages 12-16!!

**An all White Party for Labor Day at CYL At Night on Sat 9/1!!  Great prizes!!! 

Ok, I think I covered all the big things!  That's it for now!  


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