Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mixshow Page Added To Site - Check It Out!

What's good!  In and effort to make this blog my real internet HQ, I  just added a page called "Mixshows/Radio".  It'll have all my streaming mixes and radio shows on it.  I post all of my streaming mixes to Mixcloud.  That site is cool, because they allow DJs to post mixes online without getting harassed by record labels to take em down.
 (Never makes sense to me when labels harass DJs like that anyway - we're the ones who promote the shit out of their music, aren't we?)

Anyway, so - my first mixshow, "Radio Bangaz Volume 1"is up on the mixshows/radio page, so check it out! It's got tracks by Rihanna, Kanye/Jay, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Tyga, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, and more!  I'm working on my next mixshow right now, so that'll be up soon, too!

One other thing, with Mixcloud - if you can't sit in front of your computer to listen to the streams, you can listen through their iPhone or Android apps! So check those out too!

That's all for now!

Holla at ya boi,

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